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What People

are Saying

Carmen W., Professional Photographer

"You are an inspiration, Christine,  I feel blessed to know someone who has so much creativity and generosity of spirit. I am both sincerely impressed and grateful."

Heather B., Artist and Founder King's Courtyard Artists' Collective

"Christine has a way of presenting creativity the enables each individual to explore their own uniqueness and arrive at what creativity means to them. Her workshops and projects exemplify  empowering others while allowing them space to connect and heal.  Christine facilitates with an evident love for others. She is respectful and encouraging and promotes a positive environment for others to practice self-love and compassion. I have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Christine; she is imaginative, dependable, supportive, and giving."

Carla C., Host, Culture & Main, Former Poet Laureate and Community Activist York, PA

"Another awesome episode! Featuring those doing good work and actively making an effort to better the York area community, like Christine DeJuliis."

Tony J., Mixed Media Artist

"The opportunity to visit Art without End was truly most memorable, Christine, thank you for challenging the minds and imagination as well as providing basis of confidence and security to all who walks into your workshop. You continue to encourage your participants in having fun and embrace all the "ARTS " has to offer. You are predictable and consistent . Not everyone is blessed wit your sense of order. Your performance objectives spur your efforts ; you like to get things done each day and each week. Your desire to be genuinely helpful will be greatly appreciated that will last beyond a life time . Christine you are Amazing person and a truly outstanding artist!"

Catt V., Art Workshop and Art Without End Program Participant
"Taking classes with Christine I was able to experience a wide-variety of materials, about which she is highly knowledgeable. Her teaching was relaxed, yet disciplined. Christine's ability to instruct diverse groups of people, in varying circumstances makes her one of the best teachers I ever had. She is also a kind and caring person."

Donna Z., Art Workshop and Art Without End Program Participant 

"Everything I approach ,since meeting Christine and following her artistic examples, I view through a different lens. I always think to myself, how can I interpret everyday objects and words into a piece of art, a collage, or a poem? Christine approaches everyone as an artist, poet, and writer, She can inspire the best artwork out of any person, no matter their standing in society."

Mark F., Art Without End Program Participant, Retired Mental Health Professional

"Christine has helped to link art in the mental health community with the community at large in York. For example, Martin Library - the main library of York - has dedicated the walls of one of its wings to hanging artworks from the community to any group that would like to give a submission. Christine's efforts helped make this possible by getting approximately 20 works on the walls from the mental health community. As for my own experience through participation in Art Without End, I have been inspired to look at art through the eyes of creativity rather than through only a finished product. I now feel confident to approach art in areas that I normally didn't feel confident with."

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