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My passions in life are God, art, all things creative, my recovery, and being of service. 

My purpose in life is to share my unique gifts and talents by helping people tap into their innate creativity: what I refer to as the artist in each of us. I am honored to be present for those who attend my workshops and participate in my art programs and projects.


I consider all that I do to be a creative ministry of sorts.  I serve my creator by fulfilling His plan and purpose for my life. There is no separation from who He created me to be, what I do, why I do what I do, and how I go about doing it. I have traveled many miles on my journey of healing and make it a point to have the various aspects of my life be cohesive, consistent, and complimentary.


I find great fulfillment in working with people of all ages who come from all walks of life. I especially enjoy assisting my peers who are in recovery from trauma, mental illness, and substance use disorder. I hold creative, healing space by providing a safe and supportive environment where all are welcome to express themselves without judgment, connect with their authentic nature, nurture their one-of-kind voice, and transform their lives. Together we can create something meaningful.

It is also my calling to participate in community projects that promote unity, wellbeing, and peace.  I am an active member of an outstanding visionary team engaging in creative conversation in order to support each others' goals as well as address community issues.  I am continually inspired as I connect with individuals and organizations who have the same desire to implement positive changes to improve Baltimore and the surrounding region.


I believe in the possibility of A BETTER WORLD THROUGH ART!



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